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Rehna a posted Sun at 23:00

Just Wiped's Birthday Bash

Thank you to all of our members who participated in our Birthday Bash this evening celebrating 5 years of guild excitement, camaraderie, and friendship.

Tonight's party had a very nice turn out. We got to see some Legendary guildies make some return appearances.

We got to see our guildies split into teams and race around Tirisfal Glades and the Whispering Woods on the hunt to be buffed by Hogwar and Devilyn. Who knew Devilyn really had the "devil" in him tonight as he placed himself in a precarious location making everyone scramble hard to find a way back through the mountains.

Domo did not win a mount? OMG!!!!

Jujuman did won TWO MOUNTS and traded one for more BACON!

Lindd joined the fun and was able to finally share his ALANI grind with the winners allowing the whole group of 5 to partake in Alani's prize.

The officers handed out some goodies for all to use on their quest to level their next toons.

Everyone went home with something, and some went home with a lot!

Ultimately, we got to play with our toys and enjoy our guild mates company while taking a few adventures together.

We learned, Mistee really hates those mountains :)

Hogwar likes to douse the guildies with awesomefish too!

It's a pleasure to be part of a community that enjoys spending time together, taking an interest in each other's lives, and an interest in each other's gaming experience.

Thank you for making Just Wiped a fun place to call home in WOW.

The highlights this month would have to include the start of Heroic Progression. Also, our Pets Pets Pets and participating in the Gnome Run for Breast Cancer Awareness. Will you be joining us? Use the in-game calendar and sign up for fun times ahead!

Use your Noggin for your Moggin


Rules and Timeline


  1. The contest begins Saturday August 20th. Submissions are accepted through Friday September 30th.
  2. Voting for your favorite Transmog begins Saturday, October 1st through Saturday, October 15th.
  3. The Winners will enjoy: Bragging Rights, the ability to have the Best Transmog submission highlighted on the Just Wiped Guildies Share All Group Page Background, the ability to have the BEST “Worst” Transmog highlighted on the Just Wiped Blackhand Facebook Profile Pic, a substantial gold award for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each category, & a surprise award to be announced at the Guild Party. Winners will be announced at the Guild Birthday Bash on Sunday October 23rd. (date subject to change)
  4. SUBMITTING your transmog Rules:
  • Limit of up to 2 ENTRIES per Guild member for Best Transmog
  • Limit of up to 2 Entries per Guild member for Best “Worst” Transmog
  • Label each submission as an entry for BEST or WORST please
  • Put on your Transmog and find a place in Azeroth that will highlight your mog
  • Be Creative! The sky is the limit! Impress your guildies and WIN BIG!
  • There are no gold limits or rules on the Transmog you showcase
  • Having your toon’s name in the screenshot is perfectly acceptable, add it to the email if it is not there for easy identification, please.
  • Submit all Screenshots to justwipedblackhand@mail.com
  • Your Just Wiped team will organize the photos and label them creatively for voting


  1. Suggestions include getting a submission in early so that you can get Mounts Mounts Mounts points by Saturday August 27th. Really make sure your background works for your transmog, it makes a difference. Take the time to search the Justwiped.com website’s forums for last year’s entries and get some ideas. Get Creative and most of all HAVE FUN!

  1. How to take a Screenshot
  • Screenshot your toon by pressing ALT + Z first. This will remove the UI from your picture and capture just the scene.
  • Then press PRINT SCREEN. This will capture your screenshot and send it to a file folder. You can find your screen shot at C: > Program Files (x86) > World of Warcraft > Screenshots.
  • Copy your picture into jpeg format and send it to our designated email for submission. justwipedblackhand@MAIL.COM  (not GMAIL)
  • Remember to have your name somewhere on the email or in the screenshot
  • If you need help with finding or trying to take your screenshot just ask an officer.


  1. VOTING Rules:
  • You do not need to submit Transmog to be a part of the voting process.
  • Submissions will be posted to our Website and Facebook. They will be tagged with a creative name and number. For example Blue Lightning # 4 
  • Review all the submissions and vote for your FAVORITE. One vote per guild member per category. (not per alt)
  • When voting please be sure to add what category the Mog is in!
  • Pick your favorite Transmog submission including their creativity of background and send an in-game mail to ATREB. For example, Atreb-Blackhand, my favorite BEST Transmog submission is Blue Lightning # 4. My favorite WORST Transmog is Purple Poo #8.  Send away.

 Special Thanks to Aenal for his creative naming of events. Also, very special thank you to ATREB for supporting and running this event. 

HAPPY MOGGING! See you online! Good Luck!

Hey Guildies! 

Less than ONE MONTH till Legion!  I know many that are so ready to get this party started!

Don't fret! We have SO MUCH going on this month in preparation for Legion and ending our Summer Events with our Big Mounts Mounts Mounts Event on Sunday August 28th. You are going to want to be there for this one! 

Sunday August 7th - - - Run Normal Hellfire with us! Have a great time and lets clear the whole place together! Sign up on the calendar to join us. Must Have Mumble!

TUESDAY AUGUST 9TH - - - DEMON HUNTERS ARE COMING. Somebody please go pick Valak up off the floor!

Monday August 8th - - - Chocolate Twinkers we are doing ICC with a FULL GROUP. Sign up and be there for the fun :) Lets not make Volde have to heal us again. 

Sunday August 14th - - - Decks against Humanity is BACK. Thanks to Recanna and Hauger we were introduced to a fun night of laughing at each others warped sense of reality. Really fun night. Im glad Valak was "there to participate" LOL.

Monday August 15th - - - Join the guild for one of our last Heroic Normal Fun Runs! Must have Mumble.

Wednesday August 17th - - - Join the guildies in their hunt for SOO Achievements!

Saturday August 20th - - - - Join the guild for the LAST NORMAL HELLFIRE NORMAL FUN RUN! WOW!! 

Sunday August 21st - - - FANTASY FOOTBALL IS BACK!! If you want in on this season you MUST BE PRESENT FOR THE DRAFT happening SUNDAY AUGUST 21st! Sign up on the Calendar for this event please!

Saturday August 27th - - - Our Last Chocolate Twinking Event in ICC. Twinkers be ready :) Lets not let the attendance boss take us down.

SUNDAY AUGUST 28th JOIN YOUR GUILD FOR AN EPIC PRE-EXPANSION EVENT that includes the conclussion of MOUNTS MOUNTS MOUNTS where some guildies will walk away with the Grand Expedition Yak, Black Panther Onyx, and More! Must Be Present for the full experience! Join Us!

Something Big is Happening on August 31st.. I'd be ready to be on! I believe the guild is hosting some fun lateral events with something big that is happening that day!

Summer Fun!

Rehna a posted Jul 5, 16

Hi Guildies! 

Summer is in FULL SWING! The Expansion is literally right around the corner! 

Lets update you on the big events happening this summer so you dont miss the fun!

First, All events you participate in will reward you Mounts Mounts Mounts points leading toward a final event the week before the expansion where you will be eligible to win one of three HUGE MOUNTS! So, don't forget to join us and join the fun! (Progression Raiding does not count toward these points)

Second, Pets Pets Pets is on the Calendar for July 29th! Join us for some fun new pets for your collection, even some rare and level 25 pets need good homes!

Third, look for Weekly Mythics on Random Nights and join the fun. Get Valor, Get Gear, and spend fun time with your guildies! Jump in Mumble and add another dimension of fun!

Fourth, We are TWINKING NAXXARAMUS starting July 23rd! Join us! We have a few dps spots available and a back up heals available as well. Lock your toon at 80 and get ready! 

Fifth, Nef is planning a very special unique event for the guild. Keep your eyes on the calendar for his wicked plans for us!

Lastly, Look for a weekly weekend Normal Hellfire Fun Runs where you can test your alts. New to raiding? This is a great time to learn how to raid.  Veterans support the team with their progression toons and mumble adds to the fun. Mumble is required for these events.  

Ask an officer for more information about raiding with our guild. Rehna is a great resource but you can always grab an ear from Valak, Lindd, Gryffin, Aenlorianth, or Piipper. 

Thanks for all  your support and see you online!

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